Vampire Costumes

Vampire Costumes & Gothic Gear

Looking for some vampire costumes this Halloween that will make you look like your straight out of a movie?  Or, are you just a Gothic night creature looking to prowl the streets playing the role you have always craved?

Fact is, not many sites on the web allow you to create a full vampire ensemble all within one place.

Vampire Costumes store was created for the everyday vampire looking to create an image synergistic with their core beliefs.

We direct you to some of the best vampire fangs, vampire contact lenses, capes, wigs, costumes, prosthetics, shoes, Gothic gear, medallions, accessories & much more.  Vampire gear that is widely known in the industry to have some of the highest quality products at rock bottom prices.

Everything from adult size to kids (infants, toddlers, teenagers), whether your male or female, whether you want Gothic, sexy, or a scary vampire costume.  Whether you want to dress up for Halloween or looking for prey on a night out in the town, we have the widest selection of Gothic vampire costumes, sharp vampire teeth & scary FX contact lenses to suit any blood craving creature.

Throughout history, vampires are known to be mysterious, have supernatural strength, keen senses, and sexual hypnotic beauty.  Here’s how you can also play the part.  Below I’ve listed a handful of costumes from a huge assortment that is currently available…

Female Gothic Vampire CostumeFemale Gothic Vampire Costume

A dashing yet superior Gothic style vampire costume which screams superiority.  You will not only feel powerful in this beautiful garment, but will also command respect from other vampires and prey alike.

This formal style dress includes: graceful full-length open web of black symmetrical patterns with frayed style sleeves and a blood red glimmer satin gown edged with black knit and vintage silver goth buttons.

Also includes laced underskirt, tulle and adorned velvet neckband.

Costume Dress Available in all Adult Sizes

Male Gothic Vampire CostumeMale Gothic Vampire Costume

Feel the power of this professional men’s Gothic vampire costume that would make Dracula jealous.  A traditional vampire look made modern that personifies strength & vigor.

Includes a wine colored velvet vest with attached sleek white satin shirt sleeves with archaic silver Gothic buttons, low-necked garment with broad neck scarf collar, graceful long black satin cape lined in a blood red with piercing collar and medieval chain & fastener.

Also Includes white gloves and a sparkling medallion.

Available in Adult Size: Med, Large, X-Large, Plus Size

Girl Vampire CostumeLittle Girl Vampiress Costume

This girl vampire costume was designed to turn any little girl into a pretty vampiress.  She will feel like a dark little princess in this petite but elegant garment.

Costume Includes a glistening layered red & black gown with puffed upper sleeves and net-like patterned detailing.  Also includes an exaggerated and removable red vampire collar.

Available in Child Size: Small, Medium, Large

Click here to learn more about this pretty vampiress costume.


Boys Vampire CostumeBoys Vampire Goth Costume

Watch out little ladies, cause he’s thirsty, and he’ll come in for a nibble when your not looking.  A boys vampire costume that’s got charm written all over it.

An alluring costume which includes: A red & black vest with a mysterious Gothic design and attached shirt, pants, dark red lining cape with towering collar and a medallion.

Available in Child Size: Small, Medium, Large.

Visit here to learn more about this charming boy Goth vampire costume.

Hot Vampire Chick CostumeSexy Vampire Chick Costume

Heads will spin once you slip into this hot vampire chick costume —  giving off a hypnotizing & lusting appeal allowing you to strike your victim.

This sexy vampire costume features a black stretched knit dress with a jagged edge blood red top.  Includes a sleek black & dark red collar, a bat-like cape, adjustable straps, and a black pentagram belt with silver chain designs.  A sexy necklet with a silver ring pendent and sharp vampire fangs are also included with this steamy outfit.

Available in Adult Size: Small, Medium, Large, Plus Size

The above were just a few examples of the vampire costumes made available to you, however there are dozens more. To experience other vampire costume ideas, feel free to visit here for the most popular vampire costumes in the industry.

Vampires have always been the dominant figure in the horror genre.  From blood feeding undead mythological creatures to the modern day vampire.  Popularized in movies, books, gothic clothing & halloween costumes.  Whether you believe in vampires or not — people from all walks of life have always and will always want to tap into the Gothic lifestyle, or their own animalistic nature, whether role playing, or incorporating other costume ideas.  And what better way than to dress up and play the role as a vampire.