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For many years Vampfangs™ has created a superior line of Blood Vial Jewelry, and are proud to offer a full line of Blood vial necklaces that are exclusive to the industry.

These Blood vials are backed by a few years of science in creating the ultimate fluid that matches the color of real blood, and will stand the test of time.

You will find that these vampire blood vials will never dissolve, freeze, or change color. Our air-proof & airtight vials are sealed within hand blown glass and are immediately filled after cooling — thus resulting in a highly realistic vampire blood vial chamber.

Each blood vial necklace comes equipped with a sterling silver plated cap to attach to each necklace.

Carry these blood vials proudly with our custom designed necklaces which hang about a 22-Inch leather cord with black & silver stone accents.

Wear these as an accessory add-on to any Vampire costumes, or even if your a Gothic night creature prowling the city streets, bars, lounges -or- clubs.

Read below to learn more about all the blood vial necklace.

Below is a list of five of the most popular Vampire blood vials in our line-up.  Keep reading to learn more.

Vampire Fang NecklaceVampire Fang Necklace

Wear this with Vampire pride or don’t wear it at all!

This beautiful piece is a must have for your Vampire jewelry collection!

Featuring a long fang vial with authentic & realistic looking blood, and two guardian dragons.

Can be worn to express your true Vampiric nature in any type of setting.

Click here to learn more about our vampire fang necklace.

Blood Vial Skull NecklaceBlood Vial Skull Necklace

Make sure to collect enough blood from your human prey for later!

This double-skull necklace has tasted many human beings and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Featuring a cross-formation glass blood vial, and two full death skulls.

Wear this to any place you want to show that you mean business!

Come learn more about the blood vial skull necklace.

Amphora Blood Vial NecklaceAmphora Blood Vial Necklace

Wear this if your the fiendish of Vampires.

The Amphora blood vial necklace features a wide glass vial with handles to make it easy to drink your blood from.

Also featuring two mythological dragons hanging over you blood for protection purposes.

Click here for more information on the Amphora blood vial necklace.

Evil Blood Vial NecklaceEvil Blood Vial Necklace

He’s part man, part Vampire, all EVIL!

It’s the ultimate in all Vampire blood vials…a fang with an attitude!

Featuring protruding designs stemming out from a large evil fang.

Wear this for your next killing or to your next costume party!

Click here to learn more about this evil Vampire blood vial.

Vampire Teeth NecklaceVampire Teeth Necklace

He’s got sharp teeth and not afraid to show em!

His blood vial is almost empty, and he’s hungry!

Necklace features two sharp vampire teeth and a tubular blood vial.

Wear with an vampire costume, or to just be your crazy Gothic self.

Follow link to learn more about our Vampire teeth necklace.

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