Gothic HeelsGothic Heels & Vampire Shoes

Forgot about taking a bite out of a guys neck.  How about taking a bite out of his heart!

We offer a wide selection of Vampire shoes & Gothic heels that will make a beautiful & sexy addition to your vampire costume or Gothic dress guaranteed to break many Men’s hearts.

We make it easy for you to match up these shoes to many types of styles you many be going for.

Black Gothic HeelsBlack Gothic Heels

Part boot, Part heel, All Gothic woman!

These are the newest edition to the Vamp-fangs High Heels lineup.

Demonia Tesla Steampunk shoes are made up of man-made leather and micro fibers.

Complete your look with these sexy black Gothic heels by Demonia.

Come Available in  4″ heel — Sizes 6-12

Click on image to learn more about these Sexy Gothic shoes for women.


Goth High HeelsSexy Goth Heels

Most Goths and vampires are sexy mysterious creatures.  Wear these to mirror your personality & Gothic nature.

A beautiful, intricate, ultra-sexy design by Demonia with W/Gear Buckle.

Another new edition to Vamp Fangs latest lineup which is composed of man-mad leather.

Available in Sizes: 6-8.

Click here to learn more about these mysterious Gothic high heels.

Vampire High HeelsVampire High Heels

Theses vicious & sharp looking Vampire high heels just scream out trouble.  So wear these if you wanna be bad!

Mysterious and daring, these high heels are certain to intensify your sexiness! A black & red rose layout print with a spiky 5” stiletto make these heels a must have for all vampire & Goth chicks!

Featuring black peep toe, rouged black ruffle circling heel, & scalloped cutouts.

Click image to get a 360-degree view, and to learn more about these vicious vampire high heels.

Vampiress HeelsDark Vampiress Heels

Eye-popping and enchanting!

Ungodly appeal takes a turn for the shoddily eccentric! Wear these to dress up as your favorite evil queen or a creature of the night vampiress.

These extreme vampiress heels feature a 4-Inch heel, white loop design & audacious red ribbon tie in the front of shoe.

Available in adult women size.

Click image to learn more about these Vampiress high heels.

Red Black Vampire HeelsRed & Black Vampire Heels

Only wear these if your hungry for human blood!  The blood-red color front toes & ribbon will mask any spillage while feeding.

A seductive heel that will make every man powerless to you Vampiric charm!

This sexy red black Vampire shoe features a 4″ Peep Toe Pump w/ red Trim, and a 1-inch Concealed Platform, & Blood-red Rhinestone over a red Bow.

Learn more about these red & black Vampire heels.

Victorian Vampire HeelsVictorian Vampire Heels

Whether you are a goth-chick gone glam crazy, or a Victorian Vampiress ready to feed on fresh blood, these shoes might convince you to walk on to the darkside!

Rather, if your a sexy mama wiggling your hips to the music you love, or want to dress as a Victorian Vampiress this Halloween, these pumps make a perfect addition.

These Victorian Vampire Heels feature a 5 inch-long heel, a delicate lace trim design, and a poly-patent embellishment sewn right on the upper — and a 1/2 inch concealed platform sole.

Blood Red HeelsBlood Red Heels

Blood Red attraction for the divine she-devil!

This bloodthirsty look takes no prisoners, only human blood!

Ideal for your Gothic get-up or your vamp costume, the Blood Red Heels feature an extra-thich 4-inch heel, dual-strap ankle wrap & gem embellishment.

Available in Women’s Sizes: 6 – 11

Click image to learn more about these sexy pumps.

Sexy Vampire HeelsSexy Vampire Heels

These shoes just scream sexiness!

But beware!  These sexy vampire heels are also very vicious, with a heel equipped with a thorn.

Also featuring a Black flower adornment, a thin ankle strap, and a one-inch platform sole.

Generally befitting for any Gothic wear or Vampire costume.

Click on image for more information on these sexy vampire heels.

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