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Red Vampire ContactsThere is a certain element of attraction to the look of a vampire.  Vampires are mysterious, dark-natured & charismatic creatures.  One element, and probably the most significant attribute to a vampires look is in his eyes.

Some of the greatest special effects vampire movies have incorporated vampire contacts for their characters.

You’ve heard the saying before — “Eyes are windows to the soul”

There is a deep meaning to that phrase in the sense that we get immediate impressions of people by the look in their eyes, which is why red vampire contacts are most fitting for scary, dramatic & intense scenes in vampire films and for vampire costumes.

Couples like wearing red vampire contacts, in addition to other sexy vampire costumes & accessories in role playing to enhance their love making & sexual desires, making for a better, more fun and a happy & healthier relationship.

Red Contacts

Psychology of Red

Vampire ContactsRed is considered the strongest, and most emotionally intense color.  It is the color of  sex & passionate love.  Red acts as a stimulant, and is the hottest & most extreme of the warm colors.

Studies show red stimulates a faster heartbeat & breathing, increasing rate of respiration, raising blood pressure and anger.

Red has the ability to conjure up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from to violence and warfare, which may be the reason the devil is depicted with red skin in many works.

Red is power, especially worn as clothing, which makes people stand out more powerful & massive.  Hence the red power ties for business men/women and the red-carpet for celebrities.  Red clothing suggests speed combined with confidence with a dash of danger.   Small doses can often be more effective than large amounts of this strong color.

We, as humans are conditioned to denote danger or emergency type situations every time we see red.  From stop signs, stop lights & flashing police sirens.  Red tends to grab our attention more than any other color due to the fact that it is of the shortest wavelength.  Red comes into the foreground while sinking all other colors into the background.

All of these psychologies can be what stemmed Red vampire contacts to give its appeal.

Red Vampire Ideas

The color Red, in a psychological sense denotes many personality traits that can be attributed to vampires.Vampires, and the color red, when used in combination, makes for an extreme and intense character.

In a fictional sense, red contacts can serve as a metaphor for vampire lives & situations.  Vampires dress in red & black clothing.  They like drinking blood which is red.  They wear medallions which has a red stone.  Their eyes turn red upon transformation.

However, in a non-fictional modern sense, there are many people who claim to be real living breathing vampires.

There are cases of people having some of the same traits as Count Dracula —  They’re charismatic creatures that stay up all hours of the night.  They drink blood.  They portray a hypnotizing ability to influence and persuade people to act in a manner that would normally be against their will.  And although their eyes may not turn red, they see red, in a modern extreme sense of the word.

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Vampires Seeing Red

Evil RedThere are many type of role-playing games that modern day vampires participate in.  A famous example would be Vampire: The Masquerade — Created by Mark Rein·HagenMany people that enter the vampire culture are naturally more open-minded, creative and more apt to experiment & experience with vampirism rituals, & role playing games.

Most psychologists believe that a certain amount of role playing behavior is healthy in nature, stating that it can be beneficial to one’s psyche.  However, just like many amusements in life, vampire role playing games can go too far.

This usually consists of kids that fail to distinguish fantasy from reality.  And this is where the danger can play in.

The traditional beliefs of the vampire is seen as a predator.  It is more predatory in nature than all the other mythological creatures & monsters.  It seeks to feed and prey on the weak & vulnerable.  In this sense, the vampire can serve as a metaphor for a serial killer.

There are numerous cases in which serial killers would adopt the image of a vampire.  One good example is the case of sixteen year old Roderick Justin Ferrell.

In 1996, in Murray, Ky. Roderick Ferrell organized a group of vampire friends that were all participating in the role playing game — The Masquerade.  He felt the game was lame, and decided to make up his own rules.

He used his skills to manipulate his clan which consisted of kids whom were considered outcasts in society.  And he used vampirism & The Masquerade as powerful tools to entrance & mystify these kids.

Within the Masquerade game — Rod creates a character for himself named Vesago.  He claims Vesago is a 500-year-old vampire.  By spring 1996, fiction becomes reality.  The game becomes real life.  Rob becomes Vesago.

Rod meets and falls in love with a girl by the name of Heather Wendorf.  Heather confides in him about her depressing and troubled parents.

Upon hearing this, he decided that he would take action as Vesago and drive to Eustis, FL., where Heather and her parents live.  He barges into the household with his 3 disciples and viciously beats Heather’s Dad & Step-Mother to death.

Rod then drinks their blood while they lay on the floor bleeding to death.  After the killing, Rod, Heather and the rest of his clan steal the families SUV, and proceed to drive to New Orleans, LA. — considered the Vampire mecca.

Police catch them before they make it to New Orleans, about an hour from their destination.  Roderick Ferrell is arrested with a trial hearing on February 12th, 1998.  He pleads guilty to all crimes.  He was sentenced to death, but was later changed to life in prison.

Rod states that he chose the darker, more evil path in life, claiming that it was more exciting;  And if it wasn’t Heather’s family, it would of been another family.

So, this begs the questions — Was it his upbringing?  Was it society?  Was it his family?  Was it music?  Was it vampire role playing?  Or, was it a combination of all these aspects of life?

Fact remains — He saw red, and he wasn’t stopping until he saw blood.  A perfect example of a living breathing vampire that has gone over the edge, bringing the fictional vampire to life in our modern day.

The most emotionally intense color, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is also the color of love. Red clothing gets noticed and makes the wearer appear heavier. Since it is an extreme color, red clothing might not help people in negotiations or confrontations. Red cars are popular targets for thieves. In decorating, red is usually used as an accent. Decorators say that red furniture should be perfect since it will attract attention.

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