Twilight Contact Lenses

You’ll understand exactly what it feels like to be a cullen once you slip into these twilight contact lenses.

These beautiful vampire contacts feature a custom painted golden-amber color iris.

Catch the wave of the new Gothic & Vampire scene with Edward Cullen contact lenses and pair them with your favorite costume or outfit.

Contacts available in non-prescription versions only.

Twilight Contact Lenses

Why Does Edward Cullen Have Golden Amber Brown Eyes?

Edward Cullen and his family live by a different code of ethics compared to the other Vampires in the movie.  They don’t live the monsterous lifestyle feeding on humans as the Volturi do, but rather feed on animals.  This makes them the vegetarians of the Vampire world, which is also the prime reason for their golden amber eye color.

Which Vampires Have Red Eyes In The Twilight

The Volturi are vampires which have red eyes in the twilight movies.  They act as a powerful  & sophisticated coven of vampires, enforcing many laws within the vampire world.

Although not considered the official royal vampire family, they still act as such, and are extremely influential in their actions.

The Volturi pact acts swiftly and in an unfaltering manner in any affairs they may determine threatening to exposing their image as a whole.

It is their sole mission in keeping their existence in secret and will take down anybody attempting to expose it.

They have existed for almost four thousand years, and run their main operation from Volterra, Italy.

The red eyes of the Volturi dictate their feeding habits, showing that they feed on human blood, as opposed to the vegetarian lifestyle which the Cullen’s partake in.

They carefully capture & murder many humans in a planned meal.

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