Vampire BloodTheatrical Vampire Blood Gel

This make-believe, but  theatrical style vampire fake blood makes a great add-on to just about any type of vampire costume.

A deep red syrup-based blood that dries more like real blood, and Washes off easily with soap & water.

Apply to the side creases of your mouth to give the impression of just feeding on human flesh.  Or apply to the neck if plying the victim of a vampire bite.

It even has the ability to dry and crust up to a  brownish color, just like real blood.

Can also be applied to vampire prosthetics, fake wounds, latex masks and directly to facial makeup or Gothic foundations.

Apply to a prosthetic vampire neck bite making for a realistic special effects combination.

Makes for the perfect Halloween add-on accessory for all types of vampires & monstrous costumes.

Solution should be tested on skin for sensitivity before full application.

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Vampire FX Blood GelSpecial FX Vampire Blood

This special effects blood has a deep Red Vein Color – but not as thick as the blood gel listed above.  FX blood is runnier, and doesn’t dry as thick & heavy as the blood gel listed above.

This FX blood is the more fun than the theatrical blood listed above, due to it maintaining its fresh blood-like consistency.

A prime choice for anyone looking to go for that look for fresh opened dripping wound.  Apply it to play a professional role on stage, behind the screen, or on Halloween.

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For thousand of years all around the earth, there have been many cultures telling tales of supernatural beings consuming the blood or flesh of the living.

In modern times, we would call these creatures vampires, however in ancient times this was not the case; for they did didn’t exist as a fiction or non-fiction entity.  During those times, blood drinking and similar acts were attributed to demon type entities.  The majority of nations around the globe associated blood consumption with some kind of evil creature, demon, or in some cases a devil or God.

In India, there are many tales and significant stories of monstrous beings & evil spirits that bear similar attributes to vampiric like beings.

The Goddess Sekhmet from ancient Egyptian times is said to have drank blood.  Other civilizations that have given rise to the Vampire and it’s ancient beliefs are the Persians, Babylonians & Assyrians.  The Ancient Greeks & Roman Mythology have also told tales of creatures that have feasted on blood and the flesh of living humans.