Vampire ShoesVampire Shoes For Men

Haven’t you heard the saying… “You can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears on his feet.”

Would you rather be judged as a Count Dracula, or Count Chocula?  Why leave out the most important part of the equation to your vampire costume or lifestyle?  Be taken seriously as a true Vampire out for some blood.

Now you can go in style with this wide selection of Mens Vampire shoes.  Below you will find a wide array of styles to suit your Vampiric lifestyle; from classy to sinister.

Flame ShoesFlame Shoes

A fiery shoe that can only be worn by the most sinister of creatures!

A devilish pair of dress shoes, these duds are the hellish add-on for all your vampiric desires!

Including a 1-inch heel, these red & black flame shoes detail a fire design on the front portion and back of the shoe.

Available in Mens Adult whole sizes – ranging from 8 to 13.

Learn more about the black flame shoes.

Blood Splatter ShoesBlood Splatter Shoes

Oops!  I made a bit of a mess!

The perfect choice for a Vampires killing spree!  These have death splattered all over them!

Whether you’re a creepy killer, zombie, or a mischevious vampire, these white blood splatter shoes are a must for your Halloween costume or attire.

Available in Adult sizes: Med., Lg., & X-Lg.

Click here to learn more about these white blood splatter shoes.

Vampire White Flame ShoesWhite Flame Shoes

Part class, part hell, ALL Vampire!

A daring & hellish pair of duds, these white & fiery red dress shoes are the prime choice for any vampire get-up!

Featuring a 1-inch heel, white laces, & fiery red flames around the front and back of the shoe.

Wear these classy white flame shoes to vamp up your Gothic attire or Halloween costume.

Available in shoe sizes 8 – 13

Blood ShoesBlood Shoes

Look killer and trendy at the same time!

Don’t be afraid to rip your victims to shreds while wearing these blood shoes, for they will camouflage the splatter!

These black & blood-red splattered shoes are ideal for a killer, zombie, vampire or night creature costume.

Available in most Adult sizes.

Click here to learn more about these killer shoes.

Dracula ShoesDracula Shoes

Only worn by the Vampire Gods, this trendy look guaranteed to complete your effervescent vamp outfit.

These black & dark red Dracula Vampire shoes are the ultimate costume accessory, including intricate Goth designs, 1-inch heel,  a ruby red jewel atop the shoe and above a sharp star formation.

Available in most sizes for men.

Visit to learn more about these classic Dracula shoes.

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