The following is a compilation of some of the most popular and fashionable women vampire wigs.  You will find a wide variety of wigs to choose from; featuring many different styles & colors.

Women Vampire WigsBlond & Black Vampire Wig

She’s got the looks that kill.  And watch out!  Her bite is as Vicious as her hair.

These light blond & black colors make this wig a hot piece for any modern day Vampiress.

Featuring a long straight platinum styled wig with black layers below outer portion & side parted bangs.

Goes great with an all-black vampire type attire or costume.  Wear with your favorite vampire choker to complete the look.

One size fits most adult Women.

Visit here to learn more about this bold vampire wig.

Short Black Vampire WigShort Black Vampire Wig

She may look innocent, but she’s trouble!

This is the perfect wig for mischievousness doings.

A short black fashionable wig with an angled sharp fang-like bangs.

From the Mayhem Mansion line and considered to be one of their best sellers.

100% Synthetic Fiber – Available in Adult Size

Visit here to learn more about this short black vampire wig.

White Vampire WigWhite Vampire Wig

Unearthly, Unholy and Uber White.

White is the color of innocence which this wig definitely is not.

Long straight White and Blonde wicked hair with face framing-portions & bulky bangs that come to a fang-shaped point.

Blends well with white & black Gothic outfit or costume.  Wear with your favorite drapery styled Gothic choker.

100% synthetic fiber – One size fits most adults

Visit here to learn more about our white vampire wig.

Vampiress WigVampiress Wig

Don’t let her pretty face & hair fool you!  She’ll attack and feed on human blood with absolutely no regrets.

Featuring a black shoulder length wig angle-sharp & fang-shaped bangs conforming to your brow.

A stylish & beautiful vampiress piece to complement any type of Gothic attire or vampire costume.

100% synthetic fiber – Available In adult Size

Visit here to learn more about the vampiress wig.

Vampire Women Purple WigPurple Vamp Wig

She may wear a purple wig, but she see’s red blood, so watch out for your neck!

This wig will definitely make a statement for any costume or Halloween party.

Featuring a collar-bone length angled bob style with straight purple locks and V shaped trimmed bangs.

One Size Fits Most Adult Women.

Learn more about the purple wig.

Gothic Vampire WigGothic Vampire Wig

Don’t let her look at you too long.  She’ll take over your mind and be evil & vicious with your thoughts.

A sexy & haunting Gothic vampire wig with it’s traditional colors – Red & black.

Perfect for topping off any vampiress disguise! A fashionable black wig with dark-red highlights and widow’s peak bangs.

Available in One Size Fits Most Adult Women

Come learn more about this Gothic vampire wig.

Female Vampire WigPompadourVamp Wig

This wig proves there’s no such thing as too high.

Whether you are a hungry vampiress looking for fresh human blood to drink, or the Gothic apparition of Ms. Antoinette, this marvelous style promises to be the pinnacle allurement at your next costume party!

These jet black locks stylized in an expanded 10-inch high pompadour with V-shaped bangs and 12-inch spiraled curls.

When you need a wig that puts you center-stage, look no further than this attention-grabbing accessory.

Available in One Size Fits Most Adult Woman

Follow link to learn more about this female pompadour wig

Gothic WigCurly Gothic Wig

Going for the vibrant vampiress Look?

Top it off with this curly & crafty wig!

Featuring black shoulder-high coil curls, a mound of curls secured on top part of the head, and long bangs with theatrical widow peak bangs and red highlights.

Wear with your favorite Gothic or Victorian Vampire costume.

Wig Available In Adult Size

Visit here to learn more about this curly gothic wig.

Goth WigQueen Gothic Wig

She’s the Queen of Goth!

Now you too can wear this dynamic & sophisticated black wig.

Features spiraled curls, and long thick bangs coming to a fang-tipped point to the mid-brow.

Wear this to show that you are a queen vampire and that you mean business.

Available In Adult Size

Visit here to learn more about this Queen Gothic wig.

Long Black Vampire WigLong Black Vampire Wig

A vampiress that has a score to settle!

This long black wig make a great add-on for any aspiring Witch, Vampire, Cher, Elvira, Morticia, or even the character Arwen from the movie – Lord of the Rings.

An economy styled wig whose length is 24 inches long.

99% Polyester, 1% Elastic – Available In Teen & Adult Size

Click here to learn more about the long black vampire wig.

Goth Vampire WigGoth Vampire Wig

Extreme & Exotic looking!

A black wig featuring long coiled curls that are stacked high and fall  below the collar bone, as well as bangs that come to a v-shaped point at the mid-brow.

Many features of this Goth Vampire Wig make it the perfect accessory for many different Vampire & Gothic costumes.

100% Synthetic Fiber – Available In Most Adult Sizes.

Halloween Vampire WigHalloween Vampire Wig

She’s costumes up and ready to feed!

A traditional Halloween vampire wig – pat Gothic, part evil!

Features long hair, black with white streaks measuring 26 inches long.  This wig goes well with a variety of different costumes – vampire, zombie, goth, & scary ghosts.

99% Polyester, 1% Elastic – Available In Adult Size

Come learn more about the Halloween Vampire wig.

These women vampire wigs are a compilation of years of research and including a wide arrange of styles and colors for you to chose from.  We hope you find one to your liking!  Please contact us for any questions or comments.

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